South China’s Not-So-Fresh Air | Smoking

Breathing is essential to life. But what if,  you come to know, that the air that you are breathing right now is filled with hundreds of poisons and over seventy cancer-causing chemicals? Yes, you heard that right. And who is to be blamed for this? Smokers. One of the leading causes of public health in the world. This matters to us since we are living right next to a country with the world’s largest consumers of cigarettes,  more than 1,711 cigarettes per person. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

It is sad to know that not a lot of people take the issue of smoking seriously. Even smokers themselves. They all know how harmful it is to them, but not all of them know how even more harmful its to the people living around them. Only 15% of the smoke goes inside a smoker’s lung, while the rest of the big chunk goes into the lungs of the people they are living with-second-hand smokers. We really need to make people aware of this fact, that they are not just harming themselves, but their loved ones as well, including children.

It is important for us to know what the smoke in the air is doing to all of us. Not only it is harming our health, but it even contributes to the growing pollution that is in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s pollution index reached 207 this year, which is considered to be very severe. If this continues on, we can only imagine how polluted Hong Kong would be in the next 10 years.

Smoking is one of the most critical factors of public health, and even the environment. It is important  for us to take a stand against it for a better, and healthier Hong Kong.


Giving up smoki…

Mark Twain

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times
-Mark Twain

This quote, by Mark Twain tells us how addictive smoking is. We all know that quitting smoking is not an easy thing, but of we don’t, we can die of [insert one of the hundreds of deadly diseases due to smoking here].

There are 2 BILLION people in this world, who are going through the same condition as Mark Twain was- addiction. So why even start smoking in the first place, when we already know the result?


The Story of Bryan Curtis

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” title=”The Story of Bryan Curtis”>

Bryan Curtis was 13 when he started smoking 2 packs a day. Little de he know, that when just at the age of 33, he would die of Lung Cancer, leaving his wife and his 2 children all alone.

Every year, a million people like Bryan die due to lung cancer. Almost all the deaths of people who are diagnosed with lung cancer have been a smoker.

Cigarette smoking is becoming a major issue in the world day by day. Not only it kills the smoker, but more important than that, it takes away the lives of the people whol live near them as well.


Creative Smoking Ad

Creative Smoking Ad

This is a very creative anti-smokig ad which shows two kids trapped in a plastic bag that’s actually made out of smoke. It’s possibly implying that the parents of these children smoke a lot, and since they live with them, they are inhaling the smoke as well. This shows that everytime a smoker lights up a cigarette, he is not only ruining his life, but the lives of the people who live near them as well, like the lives of their own children.

An Invitation to Death

An Invitation to Death

-Ananya Mohan

In between my fingers

lies a pale white stick,

I bring it towards my lips

So addictive yet, so, so sick


Camel, Marlboro, Winston

plead and pull me towards them.

And silly me, I get trapped

coughing out all the black phlegm


But little do I know

that with every breath,

I am one step nearer

to Death


A Limerick

“There was a young lady named Mae
Who smoked without stopping all day;
As pack followed pack,
Her lungs first turned black,
And eventually rotted away.”

-Edward Gorey (Writer, Illustrator, Poet)

This is a limerick written by Edward Gorey. Within 5 lines, he has described the life of a lady called Mae, who smoked…and eventually died. It’s funny, how what’s happened to Mae happens (or will soon happen) to 2 billion people in this world.